A Moment in Time

NHS workers have had their budgets cut every year for the past 10 years by a government that calls them essential workers and heroes - yet the same government actively fights their appeals for pay rises and fair treatment, even taking them to court.

Taken throughout the pandemic in England, this first-hand account from the perspective of staff working across the NHS helps us understand some of the struggles they’re facing - and after a pandemic where 175,000 died in the UK, this project aims to document those in our NHS at an unprecedented time in history.

Following the successful completion of the project, newspaper copies were printed and sent to prominent politicians, union bosses, radio hosts, and health organisations to try and rally support for nurses and NHS staff. Much like the health service in it’s current state, the newspaper stock it was printed on is fragile - deteriorating over time unless cared for - a visual reminder that the NHS too needs protection and care, just like those working within it.

Select images and handwritten notes from the project can be seen below.
Please note: Images are large and you can zoom in to read the texts, though they may take a second or two to load.