George Zenko is a Russian-Armenian photographer based in London, breaking the boundaries between style and social identity.


For commissions worldwide, or to request a portfolio, please contact:
+44 (0) 7814 730 823

George has been creating long-form photo essays and portraits across Europe and Asia for over a decade. He’s captured the face of fashion in emerging economic markets, documented protest and climate change activism in London, and the work of the NHS through COVID-19. His photos weave together dramatic narratives and are a powerful call to action, whilst also beautiful and complete in their own right.

George’s north star is to help ethical and environmentally-conscious organisations challenge fast-fashion’s status quo and inspire a new generation of enlightened consumers.

He believes strongly that fashion shouldn’t come at the expense of the people who make the clothes, nor the environment around them, and stands for change, and a fairer fashion industry; one that understands its responsibility, and the social and environmental cost of clothes.

In the fight against climate change, style becomes a statement of our social identity and our cause—it’s a means for us to show the world our proactive choice to protect the planet. And with experience across both fashion and reportage photography, George is well equipped to help genuinely sustainable brands connect with a unique audience through bold, inspiring storytelling.