Portrait of Britain Winner

Organised by the British Journal of Photography, Portrait of Britain is the UK’s biggest annual photo exhibition celebrating the many faces of modern Britain - shown on thousands of digital screens all across the UK. It’s also in print as a book published by Bluecoat Press.

This portrait of midwife Jess was photographed for my ‘A Moment in Time’ project, which documents NHS front-liners during the pandemic. Jess, a working midwife during the pandemic, experienced her own complications during her pregnancy, ultimately leading to an emergency c-section at 32 weeks gestation, bringing Red into this world.

The portrait is a constant reminder to me of the care and compassion our NHS staff give - even at great risk to themselves and loved ones. The unwavering dedication they have to their patients, even as they face total exhaustion themselves, is something I will always remember, and I’m incredibly grateful to be able to hear and share the stories of people like Jess.

Photograph featured in The Times and other publications.