Faces of The Rebellion

Mass civil disobedience has often erupted when prevailing injustices become intolerable. While photography is a powerful medium to convey stories by itself, it becomes even more powerful when paired with personal accounts.

In 2019, the environmental group Extinction Rebellion occupied key locations in London to raise awareness about the urgent need to address the climate crisis. People of all ages and levels of activism experience - including veteran activists and first-time protesters - came together to ring the alarm bell, united in their commitment to campaign for urgent action on climate change.

As a photographer, I wanted to contribute to raising awareness in my own way. So that same year, I embarked on a project to take portraits of these same people who had dedicated themselves to campaigning for environmental causes, and paired their portraits with hand-written notes made by them on the spot about why they were there and what message they wanted to share.

With all the negative press around the events at the time, I wanted to humanize climate change activism and showcase the passion and commitment of those working to bring about change.

From environmental activists, scientists, and policymakers to ordinary people who are passionate about the environment, the project hopefully highlights how climate change affects us all. By sharing the personal stories of these activists, the project aims to address the urgency of taking action on the climate crisis and inspire others to get involved in the fight for a sustainable future.

Please note: Images are large and you can zoom in to read the texts, though they may take a second or two to load.